Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Brave new Blog

Never done this before, and hardly ever read a blog before. So this is a new beginning for me. I'll share links to some of my favorite Creative Souls, funny kid quotes and videos, and whatever else comes up along the way.
Kid Quote of the day:
"Heaven is like wearing knee pads...when you fall down on the concrete you won't get a boo boo"

My five year old daughter thinks very long and hard about the future and heaven, and the fate of us, her parents. Lately she has been telling me she won't ever leave us, not even when she is 35. I tell her I am going to put her on tape saying that. The fact is, I'm not eager for my baby to leave the nest someday. I already dread it and ache a bit thinking of this stage of life ending. So, while I can, I soak up every moment and every embrace and try to stash it away forever. As the youngest of four kids, my daughter has also thought WAY ahead about her future. Today she was concerned about who would be left in her life when everyone else dies before her. SHe assumes we will all die in order by age, but she assured me (and herself) that when I turn forty I'll still look the same. I agreed with her that I wouldn't suddenly turn freakishly "OLD" looking at forty and that hopefully this body would take a long time getting there. Irregardless, I told her I'd still be the same person on the inside and never stop loving her.
This baby girl of mine is a feisty one! Full of passion and very big thoughts for her age, I don't think I ever thunk a thought like that back then!!
Thank God for little children to guide us along life's journey. They grant us insights into eternity, human nature, truth, the divine. They ask really great questions and cause us to ponder, alongside them, the meaning of it all.

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  1. Angie,this is great!!Our kids are a blessing and soooo amazing!!A gift from God! Thanks for sharing I enjoyed this so much.